Cabinet (Mon, 26th Feb 2018 - 6:30 pm) 


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  • Cllr Hamida Ali

    Cllr Hamida Ali

    Organisation Labour - Woodside

    Position Cabinet member - communities, safety and justice


  • Cllr Alison Butler

    Cllr Alison Butler

    Organisation Labour - Bensham Manor

    Position Deputy Leader (Statutory) & cabinet member for homes, regeneration & planning


  • Cllr Robert Canning

    Cllr Robert Canning

    Organisation Labour - Waddon

    Position Deputy cabinet member - transport & environment


  • Angel Chizea

    Organisation YPDG

  • Chinelo 'Queenie' Chizea

    Organisation YPDG

  • Cllr Sherwan Chowdhury

    Cllr Sherwan Chowdhury

    Organisation Labour - Norbury

    Position Deputy Cabinet Member - Housing & Regeneration


  • Cllr Stuart Collins

    Cllr Stuart Collins

    Organisation Labour - Broad Green

    Position Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for Clean Green Croydon


  • Cllr Jason Cummings

    Cllr Jason Cummings

    Organisation Conservative - Heathfield

    Position Deputy Leader of the Opposition & Shadow Cabinet Member for finance and treasury


  • Cllr Alisa Flemming

    Cllr Alisa Flemming

    Organisation Labour - Upper Norwood

    Position Cabinet member for children, families & learning


  • Mr Kadian Foster

    Organisation YPDG

  • Cllr Maria Gatland

    Cllr Maria Gatland

    Organisation Conservative - Croham

    Position Shadow Cabinet Member for Children, Families & Learning


  • Cllr Lynne Hale

    Cllr Lynne Hale

    Organisation Conservative - Sanderstead

    Position Shadow Cabinet Member for housing


  • Cllr Simon Hall

    Cllr Simon Hall

    Organisation Labour - Fieldway

    Position Cabinet Member for Finance & Treasury


  • Cllr Yvette Hopley

    Cllr Yvette Hopley

    Organisation Conservative - Sanderstead

    Position Shadow Cabinet Member for health and adult social care


  • Cllr Shafi Khan

    Cllr Shafi Khan

    Organisation Labour - Norbury

    Position Deputy cabinet member - children, families & learning


  • Cllr Stuart King

    Cllr Stuart King

    Organisation Labour - West Thornton

    Position Cabinet member - transport and environment


  • Cllr Oliver Lewis

    Cllr Oliver Lewis

    Organisation Labour - New Addington

    Position Deputy Cabinet Member - Culture, Leisure & Sport


  • Ms. Victoria Lower

    Organisation Croydon Council

    Position Members' Services Manager


  • Mr Jamie Masraff

    Organisation OnSide

  • Cllr Vidhi Mohan

    Cllr Vidhi Mohan

    Organisation Conservative - Fairfield

    Position Shadow Cabinet Member for transport, environment and voluntary sector


  • Cllr Tony Newman

    Cllr Tony Newman

    Organisation Labour - Woodside

    Position Leader of the Council - budget & strategic policy


  • Cllr Steve O'Connell

    Cllr Steve O'Connell

    Organisation Conservative - Kenley

    Position Shadow Cabinet Member for communities, safety and justice; GLA Member for Croydon and Sutton

    Email steve.o'

  • Ms. Barbara Peacock

  • Cllr Tim Pollard

    Cllr Tim Pollard

    Organisation Conservative - Sanderstead

    Position Leader of the Opposition and Conservative Member for Sanderstead ward


  • Cllr Pat Ryan

    Cllr Pat Ryan

    Organisation Labour - Upper Norwood


  • Cllr Manju Shahul-Hameed

    Position Deputy cabinet member - homes and regeneration

  •  Richard Simpson

    Richard Simpson

    Organisation Croydon Council

    Position Director of Finance and Assets


  • Cllr Louisa Woodley

    Cllr Louisa Woodley

    Organisation Labour - New Addington

    Position Cabinet member for families, health and social care


  • Cllr Callton Young

    Organisation Labour - West Thornton ward